Started in 2003 as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Symtegrity was an early adopter of cloud based solutions.

Facing the struggles that many MSP's face today in moving their customers to the cloud Symtegritys team developed a unique process that allows clients a seamless transition when moving their servers to the cloud. In 2009 armed with these successes we started building our own Data Center.

In 2012 the MSP business was sold but we retained the data center under the brand name "SympleCloud"  today with well over a million dollars invested in our infrastructure, we provide our data center services at wholesale rates to other MSP's For more information on this offering please visit us a

In addition to our wholesale side we also offer a variety of commercial VoIP Telephony applications. We have found that no one vendor fits every need perfectly so we keep several VoIP vendors in our portfolio.